the upcoming

King James Bible Conference

April 20-24, 2016

9am Breakfast
10am Morning Service
7pm Evening Service


There is no Saturday morning session at this time

6pm Evening Service

Preaching Included:
  Pastor David Peacock 
Pastor Bobby Utley
Evangelist Jack Patterson

Pastor Rick Sowell

  Others:  Called from the floor

Special Music from the Pastor Evans Family & the Pastor Tony Duty Family













Listen to past messages. . .

Listen To The Messages
 TitleDescription Clicks
Behold The Lamb of God4/24 - Bobby UtleyDownload1121
Running on Empty4/25 - Jack PattersonDownload1136
The Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Knew4/25 - Bobby UtleyDownload1023
The Old Ship of Alexandrian4/25 - Bill GradyDownload1015
The Goodman4/25 - Jack PattersonDownload1041
The Holocaust & The King James Bible4/25 - Bill GradyDownload1075
Which Son Are You?4/26 - Phil SchipperDownload1005
The Good People Of God4/26 - Jack PattersonDownload1085
Reasons Why God Can't Bless America4/26 - Bobby UtleyDownload1012
I See Dead People4/26 - Phil SchipperDownload1026
Why Will I Not Revive?4/26 - Vince MassaDownload1045
Christ Who Is Our Life4/27 - Bobby UtleyDownload1024
The God Of Great Possibilities4/27 - Vince MassaDownload1015
The Highest Calling4/28 - Vince MassaDownload957
Jesus Christ's Soul: An Offering For Sin4/28 - Bobby UtleyDownload990
The Sows To Success4/28 - Vince MassaDownload1011

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            All reservations made by April 10th will be given at the discounted rate. Any reservation made after April 10th will be given at the regular rate. 


10087 Highland Rd
Hartland, MI 48353
(810) 632-7177
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